Quality cut from 5 up to more than 600 mm

Expert at oxygen cutting for more than 50 years

Only high-grade steel immediately available



Sidertaglio is a byword for quality when it comes to the machining and cutting of sheet metal. Loyalty and continual relations with over a thousand customers in Emilia, Italy, and Europe are the best proof of the philosophy of company founder, which has been continued and shared by his heirs. A third generation has joined the company and Sidertaglio S.r.l. has celebrated 50 years in business. Every day, experience and the study of oxy-fuel cutting applications, together with the skills and expertise of technical staff that have grown up in the company, are made available to our customers.Oxy-fuel cutting (thermal cutting) and plasma cutting are carried out by experts in the industry, with the ability to satisfy all specific requirements.



Oxy-fuel or thermal cutting is an operation that makes it possible to cut sheet and other metals using an oxygen jet.



Plasma Cutting is a process used to cut all materials that conduct electricity, includingstructural steel, using a plasma torch.


We keep an average stock of 4,000 tons of raw materials, which we purchase only from the best suppliers, and this means that Sidertaglio is able to satisfy all requirements with fast turnaround times.


From the time it was founded in the 1960s and continuing to follow the choices that have earned the loyalty of thousands of clients, Sidertaglio Srl can offer its customers...