high resistance steel high resistance steel

This type of material has excellent mechanical properties such as tensile strength and resistance to yield stress and fatigue. The characteristics of HIGH YIELD S690QL. allow significant reductions to thickness and as a result, to weight/costs during use. And this is all combined with excellent strength, tenacity and good weldability.

Materials like:

  • High strength steels;
  • High strength steels 700;
  • s690;
  • s690ql;
  • s690ql1;
  • Structural steel;
  • Structural steel 700;
  • Aldur;
  • Aldur 700;
  • Dillimax;
  • Dillimax 690;
  • s890;
  • s890ql;
  • s900.

and others from this family of high resistance steels.