wear-resistant steel wear resistant steel

This type of material is created to resist the stress from wear and the rubbing of specific agents. The hardness is decidedly superior to standard building steel and in this way, the finished product built using this steel is able to withstand significant stresses and reduce any problems from wear.

It is a material that is easy to work with, simple to weld and easy to bend and weld.

Materials like:

  • Wear Resistent Steel;
  • Wear Resistent Steel 400 (hb400);
  • Wear Resistent Steel 450 (hb450);
  • Wear Resistent Steel 500 (hb500);
  • Brinar;
  • Brinar 400;
  • Durostat;
  • Durostat 400;
  • Dillidur;
  • Dillidur 400.

and others from this family of wear-resistant steels.