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Wear-resistant steel sheets: HB 400 – HB 450 – HB 500

HB 400 Steel - HB 450 Steel - HB 500 Steel Plates

Wear-resistant steel is a ferrous alloy which, thanks to its specific chemical composition, has a particular resistance to degradation caused by rubbing, abrasion and mechanical stress. The main property, which gives this quality to wear-resistant steels, is its hardness.

The hardness, which indicates the plastic deformability of steel as well as other materials, indicates the ability to resist permanent deformation and therefore the reversibility of the process. This property is measured through resistance tests. One of the best known is the Brinell test, which takes the diameter of the impression left on the steel by the spherical penetrating agent as a reference. The unit of measurement used for the result of the formula applied in the Brinell resistance test is HBW, from which a classification is derived of wear-resistant steels by numerical value of nominal hardness.

Steel with hardness values ​​HB 400, HB 450 and HB 500 is specifically used for the production of sheets, which require a wear-resistant steel.

HB 400 steel sheets are easily workable and weld well, however, having the lowest nominal hardness value of the three classes, their use is recommended for constructions and productions that do not require frequent or particularly intense wear. It can be worked both hot and cold. Among the main applications of HB 400 steel sheets are industrial machinery, agricultural equipment, construction and all areas where a material that combines reduced weight, durability and weldability is essential.

The sheets in HB 450 steel, thanks to their extra 50 Brinell degrees compared with HB400 steel, in addition to greater resistance to wear, are more resilient to impact.

The sheets in HB 500 steel have a hardness value that allow them to present resistance properties very close to those of structural steels, while still maintaining a good ability to be worked.

Their use is essential for the construction of machinery parts that are easily subject to wear caused by mechanical stresses such as those produced by friction with stones, sand, earth and similar materials.

Given their wear resistance properties, HB400, HB450 and HB500 sheets are used for the construction of presses, crushers and earthmoving machinery.

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