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Morning       08:00 – 12:00
Afternoon 13:30 – 17:30

WAREHOUSE OPENING TIME (for loading and unloading goods):
Morning       08:00 – 11:30
Afternoon 14:00 – 16:30


Sidertaglio has been a point of reference for many Polish companies, since many years, thanks to its kind of service and the importance which hovers around it; a service that, for the present time, has become more and more equivalent to a very reliable partner with peculiar problem-solving skills in its relevant sector: metalworking, especially for the Polish market. 

After a long period of experience in specific and single activities, from 1962 until nowadays, Sidertaglio has developed a range of services which is able to directly give to all its Polish customers, inside of the metalworking field, which allows them to take advantage of one only “office” – inside which more activities and services can be carried out at best of their peculiarities, especially for the ones based in Poland, in full coherence with the Sidertaglio company philosophy.

All the following are included in the provided services:

  1. Metal sheets trade, of different qualities, provided in their as single truckloads or materials which have been cut.

  2. Specific cuttings with PLS HD technology and OXY-FUEL with the ability to make 3Ds pre-works of roughing on each single piece for both the two cutting technologies (Sidertaglio sole rights), so that it would be possible, in a hypothetical working centre, to relieve their productions and their costs.

  3. CNC milling working, drilling, and tapping on medium and small details and on standard ones.

  4. CNC milling working, reaming, drilling, and tapping on medium and small details and on non-standard ones.

  5. Grinding and “vertical grinding machines” of big dimensions details (levelling and squaring of the unprocessed materials).

  6. Sandblasting by a horizontal band shot-blasting machine.

  7. Painting of the specific and customized cut pieces.

  8. Stress-relief/tempering heat treatment (approximately 600°).

  9. Normalization heat treatment (approximately 900°).

  10. Straightening by wringer machine of specific and customized INOX steel pieces, heat-treated, or for additional steps after the cutting process itself.

  11. INOX steel specific cuttings, with heat or cold treatment, until 200mm thickness.

  12. 48-hour fast-cut for specific cuttings on warehouse’s material.

With the aim of making our clientele’s work easier, we have provided the making of this important organizational and productive layout for our Polish consumers, believing effectively in our work and in our means, for the purpose of creating a stable business relationship and a mutual undeniable confidence with the Polish companies that work with us.