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Types of wear resistant steels

Types of wear resistant steels

There are several steels which have wear-resistance properties owing to their different composition. There are various different applications, depending on the specific qualities, but they are united by their use in conditions where there is strong mechanical stress, to which this type of steel is particularly resistant.


Wear-resistant steel, which has a high mechanical strength. This property is obtained by subjecting the material to high temperatures (up to 900°C), then cooling it in a water-quenching and tempering system. Then if necessary it is subjected to a tempering heat treatment. This alloy is further optimized, creating two quality ranges: Brinar 400 4 Brinar 450.

Brinar 400

This steel has a surface hardness at room temperature of between 360 and 440 Brinell. It can be worked both hot and cold, in different conditions. Hot working is possible from 850 to 1000 ° C however it then needs to be tempered. Cold working is possible by adhering to a bend radius of >3 times with respect to the thickness of the plate that is longitudinal and >3 times with respect to the thickness of the plate transverse to the rolling direction.  
Wear-resistant steels are united by being suitable for use in conditions of strong mechanical stress.

Quard 450

Martensitic steel with an average hardness of 450 HBW, which is particularly resistant to wear from abrasions and impacts. Furthermore, from the point of view of processing, it has excellent performance in the cold forming and welding phases. These qualities make Quard 450 the appropriate steel for making components for equipment used in the building sector, in the waste recycling industry for the production of containers, and in making conveyor belts; it is also used in other sectors where there are extreme and high-stress working conditions, for example for the construction of earth-moving machinery or industrial plants.

Quard 500

Martensitic steel with an average hardness of 500 HBW, which therefore has an even higher resistance to wear. The Quard 500 lends itself even more than the 450 to applications for the mining industry or components for the waste industry, which require greater resistance to stress. This steel is indeed used for the construction of machines designed for crushing and pulverizing or for scrap baling presses.

SSAB Domex 500ml

Structural steel range, offering excellent cold forming performance and ease of being machined and welded. This steel, thermo-mechanically rolled, has a remarkable resistance to wear and good flangeability. In addition, it is easily workable, thanks to the absence of polluting elements and its fine-grain structure, which facilitate operations such as the cutting and bending of elements made with SSAB Domex 500ml steel.