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About Us

About us

We stand out
for our history.

Sidertaglio S.r.l. was founded by Ferdinando Bussolari in the 1960s, with his expertise in the machining and cutting of sheet metal as a foundation.

From the outset, Sidertaglio S.r.l. has aimed to be a reliable partner for its clients, a highly specialised business to count on when it comes to all of the problems concerning oxy-fuel cutting of high thickness ferrous metals, such as structural steel.

High quality standards for plasma cutting or thermal cutting services.

Company choices and strategies have followed, always based on the quest for the highest quality standards in plasma cutting or thermal cutting and for a vast range of materials and thicknesses, as well as a company style based on coherence and on professionalism when dealing with client needs

Sidertaglio resources at the service of customers.

Activities: processing of metals, sheet metal machining
Division: systems and machinery for cutting sheet metal
Processing: metal cutting  sheet metal cutting  plasma cutting oxy-fuel cutting (thermal cutting)  cutting of structural steel


The process and how to best use it.


All types of steel available and their characteristics.


Trust and strategy.


Cutting sheet and other metals using an oxygen jet.