Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting is a process used to cut all materials that conduct electricity, includingstructural steel, using a plasma torch.


The plasma cutting process

The early stage

An inert gas is blown from a nozzle at high speed and at the same time, an electric arc is established through this gas, between an electrode and the surface being cut, which transforms the gas into plasma.

The plasma transfers heat to the metal, bringing it to melting point temperature and therefore, breaking the continuity of the metal. The results of plasma cutting are quite similar to those of cutting through a sheet of butter with a fine jet of warm air.

In the early stage, a high-voltage, low-intensity current ignites a small, high-intensity spark inside the torch, creating a small plasma pocket, which is known as the pilot arc.

The second stage

Now the plasma is a conductor and, once in contact with the piece being cut, it conducts high-current, low voltage electricity. The plasma, which is kept between the piece being machined and the electrode, travels at more than 15.000 km/h (more than twelve times the speed of sound in the atmosphere).

With this plasma cutting technology, Sidertaglio can cut a max. of 50 mm


New htPerformance HPR 400 XD generator

The installation of this next-generation plasma source, with its high-definition cuts, has enabled our production lines to make carbon steel parts (max. thickness 50 mm) with cutting characteristics that have never been seen before. Sidertaglio is now energy self-sufficient, thanks to its photovoltaic system.

During 2015/2016, Sidertaglio bought a new plasma cutting system using technology at the top of its field, with components from Italy and the United States.


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