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Oxy-fuel or thermal cutting is an operation that makes it possible to cut sheet and other metals using an oxygen jet.

The principles of Oxy-flame cutting: If we consider a piece of standard sheet steel, kept in an oven at above 1350 °C, blowing a fast, fine jet of oxygen against the sheet and making it move will cut it by means of progressive combustion.

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The complete procedure

It is possible to avoid the oven by heating just the metal areas to above 1350 °C, as they are reached by the jet of oxygen. All this requires is an oxy acetylene flame that needs to move along the cutting line, immediately followed by the jet of oxygen.

Or even more simply, this operation can be carried out with the oxy-fuel cutting pipe, with a central opening for the oxygen jet (thermal cutting jet) and a series of holes set out in a circle around it and through which oxy acetylene flames, known as heating flames, come out.

Whatever the pipe’s direction of travel, there is always a flame to precede the thermal cutting flame.

With this technology, Sidertaglio can cut a max. of 600mm!

During 2015/2016, Sidertaglio bought a new plasma cutting system using technology at the top of its field, with components from Italy and the United States.


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