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“Quality means doing things right when no one is watching you.” Henry Ford

Why choose ISO 9001 certification? 

ISO 9001 certification is a guarantee certifying that the business activities of the certified company comply with the requisites of the ISO 9001 standard. In this way, our customers, whether end clients or intermediaries , can place their trust in the fact that the services and products we put on the market comply with certain specifications, and that all the phases which lead to their realisation can be fully traced and verified.

Obtaining ISO 9001 certification is not compulsory, but it is instead the sign of a company’s constant, long-lasting commitment to monitor its standards over time.

For this reason, acquiring this certification is, and will increasingly become, an essential element for companies when facing the infinite challenges and demands of their markets.

And this is why SIDERTAGLIO SRL has decided, in line with the ideals it has applied to its business since the early 1960s, to obtain the TUV SUD ITALIA ISO 9001 certification, the leading international management and quality system certification.

UNI EN 1090 certification

Why choose UNI EN 1090 certification? 

UNI EN 1090 certification has been mandatory certification since July 2014 for all manufacturers of structural steel and aluminium components, and for manufacturers of kits sold on the market as products for constructions.

This type of certification is recognised at international level. The company’s capacity to produce material that corresponds to all the quality characteristics required by the UNI EN 1090 parts 1, 2 and 3 is certified by a third-party body known as a certification body, which for Sidertaglio is Tuv Sud.

Who UNI EN 1090 certification is of interest to?

UNI EN 1090 certification interests manufacturers of steel or aluminium structures (e.g. metal structurework) who from 1st July 2014 will be obliged to provide CE marking in accordance with UNI EN 1090-1 standards (Execution of steel and aluminium structures).

UNI EN 1090 certification allows construction products to be sold within the EU. On 1st July 2013, the European Regulation (EU) no. 305/2011 entered into force concerning construction products, which introduces new features and obligations for companies who operate in the construction products market and regulates conditions for CE marking.


What is CRIBIS Prime Company recognition?

CRIBIS recognizes to SIDERTAGLIO SRL the maximum economic-commercial reliability.

The CRIBIS Prime Company is a recognition of great value awarded every year only to 7% of the over 6 million Italian companies. CRIBIS attributes this recognition by using the CRIBIS D&B Rating, a synthetic indicator which, based on a statistical algorithm, measures the probability that a company generates serious commercial defaults. Numerous variables are used for the calculation, including personal information, indexes and balance sheet data, company seniority, payment experience, presence of negative information.

This important recognition represent the confirmation of the level of economic-commercial solidity of SIDERTAGLIO SRL and a guarantee for every company that have chosen SIDERTAGLIO SRL as a commercial partner.

What guarantees does the CRIBIS Prime Company recognition offer?

CRIBIS, a company specializing in the supply of business information on Italian and foreign companies, has awarded SIDERTAGLIO SRL the CRIBIS Prime Company recognition, giving it the highest level of reliability as a counterparty in a BtoB commercial transaction.

The legal obligations regarding Certifications

Companies that will be obliged to be certified in accordance with UNI EN 1090 are, for example, manufacturers of the following steel or aluminium components:

  • Products in sections/profiles of various types
  • rolled products (plates, sheets, strips)
  • bars, forged from steel and aluminium, both protected and unprotected from corrosion by coating or other surface treatments, e.g. aluminium anodising processes
  • steel parts used in steel-concrete compound structures

“Quality means doing things right when no one is watching you.” Henry Ford

Consequently, companies that:

  • process steel on their own premises (known as “factory”) for precompressed reinforced concrete;
  • make metal structures to be laid once finished;
  • make compound metal structure parts that are to be laid once finished;
  • make dogleg sheets;
  • make cold-forged profiles;
  • make structural elements;
  • carry out “pre-processing” of structural parts to be laid once completed;
  • make metal structurework;
  • make bolts, nails and brackets.

Advantages of UNI EN 1090 certification

UNI EN 1090 certification is required to:

  • be able to CE mark their own structural steel and aluminium products and consequently be able to sell them in the European Community and clearly also in Italy;
  • work overseas;
  • take part in public tenders;
  • being included in lists of preferred suppliers by their customers.

Is UNI EN 1090 Certification mandatory?

UNI EN 1090 certification has been mandatory certification since July 2014 for all manufacturers of structural steel and aluminium components, and for manufacturers of kits sold on the market as products for constructions.


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Cutting sheet and other metals using an oxygen jet.

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