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quality in processing
and sheet metal cutting

An area of 8,000 sq m, of which 4,500 indoors, our warehouse contains:

  • 7 automatic oxy-fuel cutting systems using CAD/CAM software
  • 1 HPR 400 high-definition plasma system
  • 2 Tumblers for surface finishing
  • 1 Press;
  • 1 35 ton travelling crane with magnet lift
  • 4 15 ton travelling crane with magnet lift
  • 2 1.6 ton jib cranes with magnet lift
  • 2 Lift trucks (25 hundredweight)
  • 1 Gilardoni RNG 450 digital appliance for ultrasound checks
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The large warehouse always guarantees the availability of the products

We keep an average stock of 4,000 tons of raw materials, which we purchase only from the best suppliers, and this means that Sidertaglio is able to satisfy all requirements with fast turnaround times. The company also offers a comprehensive range of special, anti-wear materials with a high level of yield strength and thicknesses of up to 250 mm

We are also able to offer the following as ready in stock:

  • S275JR;
  • S275JO;
  • S275J2+N thickness from 5 to 300 MM;
  • S355JR;
  • S355JO;
  • S355J2+N thickness from 5 to 600 MM;
  • C45 thickness from 5 to 400 MM;
  • P265GH;
  • P355NH;
  • A516 GR60/70;
  • Antiwear steel, thickness from 5 to 150/200 MM (Hardox 400, Brinar 400, Durostat 400, Dillidur 400);
  • High yeld steel, thickness from 5 to 150/250 MM (Weldox 700, Aldur 700, Dillimax 690, S690QL);
  • Material 42CRMO4, 1.2311 e 1.2312;
  • Inox/Aisi 304;
  • Inox/Aisi 310;
  • Inox/Aisi 314;
  • Inox/Aisi 316;
  • Inox/Aisi 321.


At Sidertaglio, the whole production cycle is a combination of top quality and a high degree of operating flexibility. Cutting to size is carried out with oxy-fuel systems, while systematic quality controls at every stage of operations are a guarantee of constant quality and customer satisfaction. Over 3700 square metres of warehouse are a guarantee of an assortment of items able to satisfy all requirements within a brief space of time.


All types of steel available and their characteristics.


The process and how to best use it.


Cutting sheet and other metals using an oxygen jet.